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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I see dead people!!

Finally I had that so wished time to work on the project. Until my death sentence comes out from exam grades...
So I've been working with lights and some other gameplay features like reloading weapon, firerate, dead bodies, and depth layers. Can you see the zombie near me, behind the tree??? no you cant ;p well only his head. Also some transparency is added when the player is behind an object.
Its getting nice, and from now on things are gonna get easier as the game engine gets more basic methods done.

So I want to remember I'm also searching for some people that help me get some new graphics for the game. For now I am hoping to find more a partner than a worker so... if the game gets released I will pay for the job of course. That can be done in a contract if necessary.
I see this as my personal big project and I'm not sure if I get enough support to get this game finish one day but things seem to going well so...
Until the next post :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

So many zombies... so few brains...

Finally I had a little time (not really) to finish the spawners...
Now this scenary is getting a little more interesting :P

Also I start playing a facebook game!!!
Yes that's right ... I never though it would happen but seems this game had some
stuff similar to the game I'm trying to make... so I gave a  try and got some
ideas for the gameplay...
The game is called War commander, give it a try...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick look

Ok here you have a quick screenshot of how a mission currently looks like

Some quick notes of what have done so far:

  • Automatic terrain generation on a tile based (height adjusting, objects placing )
  • A.I. (Pathfinding, wandering/attack behavior)
  • All monster, weapon, animation stuff logic... ( what you see )
  • Simple interface (menus, mouseovers, zoom)

Most of the work I've been doing right now is all about making a game engine
so I can control everything in the game easily.

So my priority right now is to make the game playable... that means
kill that zombie and having an objective (win and lose condition)

Of course I have lots of features planned but I won't share them ;p
well... not  yet

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Testing my blog

Ok test first post I guess..
I'm not really a person of blogs but I though it would be good to keep track of some of my projects
In special the "OON" (name to be decided)
So I wonder if I'll really keep using this blog.
Let's wait and see.