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Monday, April 23, 2012

lvlML and xslt

Updating my status
I've been working around the lvlML language for the level descriptor and trying some outputs in XSLT and try to understand the potential this has for levels publish on internet. 
There are many websites allowing players to download customized levels to be used on multiplayer. My idea was try to use lvlML syntax to generate a html which would allow the player to preview the level before downloading. Usually people just take screenshots and place them on internet or somehow download programs that generate a 2d image top view. However if you use lvlML with XSLT you wont need to download any application or upload screenshots... The website could automatically understand the level by uploading the level itself (lvlML). The results are somewhat cute :P

Of course this might represent a small level but if we upgrade the language and the xslt it has some potential.

I want to share something with people out there that think games are degrading themselves for betting on computer graphics instead features.

I had some experience on playing with level editing and its entities since I was very young and I always admired the dynamics of level design... But nowadays the game levels lack of entities and functionality leaving few options to the level designers to have fun with... I guess we should blame multiplayer because for instance... If you look to counter strike you may notice that the doors are static... there's not much to do here... they could allow players to blow up locks and use cameras like rainbow six or swat games but they don't even care... 
For those who start playing counter strike after version 1.2 (i think) you probably wont even remember of an awesome APC you could drive on one of the rescuing levels and it was awesome... the problem was went players use the APC to drive over the team mates and kill them without penalization... So what did they do? They removed it... Instead solving the problem they just got rid of the feature. There are many other entities that were removed from cs such as lasers, trains, weapon mounts, light buttons...
I miss old days of half life level editing :(

Heres a screenshot of the old cs_siege

I'm currently working on the level editor that should be able to export and import levels in lvlML. So I will paste some screenshots when I get closer to finish the app.