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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shine and Seelentanz

So, its been awhile since I made a post here.
I'm keeping myself quiet about some stuff that has been happening because I don't like to rush myself into taking fast conclusions.
Anyway I've decided to participate into Gamelopers 2012 which is a contest allowing participants to compete with their works on Java, Windows Phone or Qt.

I have already finish my work for sometime now but it's not exactly has I had initially planned. I could/might do some updates later to make it more interesting.  Have some screenshots:

You check the rest in here

I made this game while I was working on several projects and in a month... its not an awesome game but I think its playable.

On other news I've put myself on a journey to learn to work with Unity. I think this will be awesome since I've never work with a framework on 3d games or anything similar and its a path to learn something more on game development by myself.

This is the game/team I've joined

Its a friendly group fighting to learn more and achieve their personal dreams. We still have few members and some don't have much experience like myself (I've just start learning Unity) but if we gather a motivated team who knows where we'll end up :P

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Character vision

So I've had some time and, being anxious to make the player vision, I finally was able to investigate a little how this is done and start making some experiences...

The main idea is to make the player only being aware where his eyes are point to, so if  you look a way you wont be able to know whats coming from your back. I'm also thinking in adding hearing which will allow the player to hear noises in the proximity of his/her character. I think that might bring some panic to the players since they can't know for sure where the noise is coming.