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Friday, April 5, 2013

What I've been up to

As you may or may not notice i've been absent, I'm just posting to say that I'm still alive and much has been happening. I got a mononucleosis virus, went to the hospital, they gave me the wrong meds and i've ended up in bed/restrained for over a month.

After that I've been focusing my work on my dissertation because, well... I was a month late in work right? And just as I had ended a few docs I had to start working as a trainee in a company where I'll be developing a mobile app and do some research for my dissertation.

Anyway, I've decided to put my project on hold and work on Seelentanz on weekends. We don't have much work done yet but we are starting to shape the game. I've done an inventory and i've been working with an mixing box similar to diablo's. I might put screenshots on Seelentanz soon.

About OON I had lot of awesome ideas and i might end up changing the geoscape a little bit for something more like civilization. I think it will make the gameplay experience more interesting. Don't worry, I'll try not fill it with useless researches/resources... in my perspective everything in the game needs to have a purpose for usage

Meanwhile I'll keep working and researching for my thesis where I'll be dealing with cross-platform development for mobile devices and medical topics/techs such as openEHR.