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My name is João Serra. I grew at Amadora, but at young age I had to move to Beja where I graduated in Computer Science and now I'm ending my Master's Degree in Computer Science at FEUP located in Porto.

Since I was young I was always interested in technology related with computers.

Having an early contact with computers at age of 8 was my motivation to join several projects as soon internet came to my house. At 13 years old I was already creating the most basic html websites and my own "Command and Conquer: Red Alert" modification with scripting. At my age of 14 I introduced myself into MIRC scripting, where I made an online RPG, Half life level design and 3d modeling and animation. I then searched for more people like myself and I found this group called Renegade Masters Krew (RMK) where I trade experience with. 


Every chance I have during vacation I dedicate myself into learning something new not only in Computer Science, like router configurations, new programming languages or sound editing, but also other activities like playing Electric Guitar, body combat,  training my dog, learning how to mod computer cases.

Recently I developed an interest for Chaos Theory and its potential in programming, specially in Artificial Intelligence.


At current time I'm involved in two projects. The first one is a personal project of mine in the creation of an isometric turn-based game based on the old ms-dos game X-Com. Since I've started this project I've been using many of techniques that I've learned during my course, like path-finding, Bézier curves, using XML to save and control data, and some new ones like working with 3d projection world and view matrices.

The second project is 'Seelentanz' which means "Dance of the souls". I joined this project in the 08-2012 to work on Unity, but later on the group decided to change to Unreal engine, so I ended up learning  a bit of Unity and now I'm learning unrealscript, unreal kismet and unreal matinee.

My CURRENT favorite techs are:

  • C#, Java, XNA
  • Mobile devices(WP, Android), Geolocation

and I say current because I've already worked with so many languages and techs I wouldn't be able to remember each one of them if I ain't currently working with them, but I've kept my works that  assist me reminding when I need to recall something. For more information on all techs I've worked on and habilitations check my curriculum.


I'm an adept of object-oriented programming and I love to do programs in a dynamic way working and  connecting all the pieces like modules. I feel like I can't work without Sub-version Control anymore and when in working groups I enjoy using a task manager to track the project progress and identify the priorities of the project.
Not that I enjoy it but I usually start by doing the hardest and most important things because its where I will spend more time and we need to have a good base to start developing any kind of software. I'm the kind of person that can really work better when I'm happy and in a friendly environment rather than an closed uncommunicative environment, don't worry I'm not a big chatter...


I can say I'm really anxious to work with a dynamic team with friendly environment to do some awesome projects on the future. Like I said I'm a self-learner and I really enjoy learning new techs once I identify their potential. I understand the future should be a race for optimization and performance over the competition in the market but I would like to be working in projects with some more interactive/visual attractive/humanly feedback.