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OON Project

  • Terrain is randomly generated
  • Interface made from scratch
  • Uses A* path finding
  • Monsters have different behaviors
  • API will allow players to create weapons/monsters with XML
  • Players can create and import their maps using lvlML alpha editor
    Status: In progress...     C# Path-Finding XNA XML AI 3D-CG 2D-CG

Shine Project - Windows Phone

Created for Gamelopers 2012 Contest

  • Touchscreen interaction
  • 7 levels randomly generated
  • Race against time
  • Catch rings to earn more time
  • Catch gas clouds to get more energy
  • Use energy to reflect some obstacles
    WP7 XNA Mobile     Status: Published at Windows marketplace (Free)

lvlML Alpha Editor - XNA

  • Uses new level XML based descriptive language lvlML
  • Reads and Writes description of the maps in lvlML
  • Validates the lvlML to be imported via XML schema
  • Supports different sizes tile-sets
    Status: In progress... Get lvlML     C# XNA XML lvlML XML-Schema

Project Y - Android

  • 1vs1 Multiplayer game for android
  • Server (c++)
  • Saves player profile in an online database
  • Player can buy weapons via website
  • Contains 3 mini games to raise character skills offline
    Android PHP C++ java MYSQL XML Apache     Status: no planned release

Robot Trouble - XNA

  • Game made to teach players about programming
  • Player gives instruction to his bot the instructions are compiled and executed in "real" code
  • Player needs to find his girlfriend
  • "Import" packages to unlock new actions
  • Avoid depleting energy and touch traps
    Status: no planned release     C# XNA

Absortion Interface - OpenGl

  • Interface connected with game logic made in prolog
    OpenGL Prolog     Status: no planned release

Half Life 2 level demo

  • Used for a lecture, demonstration on how Half life 2 engine works and its potential.
  • Video contains annotations of engine features
    Status: no planned release     ValveHammer Level-Design



  • Innovative RPG style
  • Unique wounding/fighting system
    UnrealScript UDK UnrealKismet UnrealMatinee     Status: In progress... Check it at IndieDB

A* Path-Finding

  • Made for Artificial Intelligence
  • Open-source 
    Status: free at Google code     Java Path-Finding Open-Source


Website demo

  • Used for demo purposes only
  • Used as ultima online info database
  • Incomplete website contains only alchemy page, basic login system, and news connected to database
      PHP mysql CSS       Status: Unfinished to be added with more features...

I-Go tourism application

  • Made for Distributed Systems course
  • Uses google maps for navigation
  • Uses google news for local news
  • Uses google places for points of interest
  • Uses google weather to get weather forecast
  • Allows share places with facebook and twitter
  • Gets historical info from wikipedia
    Status: no release planned     Java Android WebServices Geolocation

Peer-2-Peer app

  • Made for Distributed Systems course
  • Uses an algorithm to MD5 for Integrity control
  • Has traffic management to avoid bottlenecking
  • Process "GET" "Search" and "Found" commands
     Java MD5 Hash P2P Sockets       Status: needs an upgrade Download

Minimal Mp3 Player

  • Made in 2008
  • Uses JMF library
  • Supports random, repeat and playlists

    Thanks to: João Paulo Barros
    Status: Has issues with 64 bits OS Download     Java Audio Applet


     C# Webservices J2ME Geolocation XML Security SQL Server nokia S60 siemens WP5       Status: Current project developer is BEUBI

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