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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I see dead people!!

Finally I had that so wished time to work on the project. Until my death sentence comes out from exam grades...
So I've been working with lights and some other gameplay features like reloading weapon, firerate, dead bodies, and depth layers. Can you see the zombie near me, behind the tree??? no you cant ;p well only his head. Also some transparency is added when the player is behind an object.
Its getting nice, and from now on things are gonna get easier as the game engine gets more basic methods done.

So I want to remember I'm also searching for some people that help me get some new graphics for the game. For now I am hoping to find more a partner than a worker so... if the game gets released I will pay for the job of course. That can be done in a contract if necessary.
I see this as my personal big project and I'm not sure if I get enough support to get this game finish one day but things seem to going well so...
Until the next post :)

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  1. Keep it up!

    Para fundos podes sempre tentar este projeto:

    Para apoio podes sempre tentar o linkedin ;)